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McGill’s students come from a diverse range of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. And they win more national and international awards on average than their peers at any other Canadian university. This success stems from a simple philosophy: we believe ideas are made to be challenged. At McGill, we inspire each other to dream big, to push beyond our limits, and to achieve more than we ever thought possible.



There are more than a quarter of a million McGill grads living around the globe today, making their mark on the ground and even in outer space, with three alumni astronauts having explored the final frontier. McGillians invented the search engine. They created the technology that powers digital cameras. And they developed the world’s top tool for evaluating pain. Throughout history, they’ve won Grammy Awards, Nobel Prizes, and Olympic gold medals. Today, they continue to push the limits of possibility, dreaming big and achieving beyond expectations.

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Some 3,500 employees are dedicated to keeping our university humming, from academic advisors and financial aid experts to maintenance personnel—all playing a vital role in the world-class McGill experience.


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Every day, McGill’s teaching teams lead by example and open students’ minds to a world of new possibilities. Ernest Rutherford was a McGill professor when he launched the field of nuclear physics, as was Wilder Penfield when he mapped the human brain. In 1936, former assistant professor Maude Abbott shattered the gender barrier by literally writing the book on modern heart surgery, and in 2013, McGill physicists played a key role in finding the elusive Higgs-Boson particle.

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