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McGill Graduates

The McGill Commitment


Made to meet every challenge.

Made to drive change.

McGill is committed to providing a world-class education in an open and supportive environment. Our community will give you the confidence to challenge ideas and push beyond the expected to solve the issues that matter.

For two centuries, we’ve been shaping leaders in fields as diverse as neuroscience and technology to finance and the arts. Our global alumni include Nobel Prize winners, Rhodes scholars, Grammy Award winners, Olympic gold medalists, and world-renowned researchers—all made by the McGill experience. As you work towards graduation, we’ll prepare you for the next 50 years, positioning you to drive positive change in increasingly complex times.
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Our four pillars


An international campus

McGill is one of the most international universities in Canada, located in one of North America’s most multicultural cities. Our community’s open culture and diverse perspectives will prepare you to excel in the global job market.


World-leading research

The McGill community has shaped some of the brightest minds and boldest breakthroughs in the world of research. In our labs and in the field, you’ll develop the practical skills and intellectual rigour to help transform our future.

Innovative academics

The McGill community is constantly looking forward, with a finger on the pulse and a fearless vision for the future. We’ll challenge you to dream big, think differently, and lead the way in your chosen field.

A focus on fostering potential

The McGill experience opens up a world of opportunities to cultivate your creative thinking and unleash your potential. We’ll encourage you to follow your passions and inspire change—in yourself, your community, and the world.