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Songs I Love… – Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40

Posted by Jason On August - 3 - 2009


Songs I Love That You Might Hate – Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40

So this song is actually an Elvis cover, but it’s a dang good one.  It has some syrupy-sweet synth strings, a little brass, a great drum loop, and even better vocals.    Plus, this song was featured on such cinematic masterpieces as Sliver and Speed 2:  Cruise Control.

Every time I hear this song, I remember a moment when my elementary school friends and I traveled an extremely far distance (for 5th graders) to McDonald’s without our parent’s permission (of course).  As we ate our food outside, this song came pumping into the play area.  My best friend at the time, Cole, jumped up on the table and began dancing.  Not to make all his friends laugh, but because he loved this song.  I can still see him, both hands in the air (one holding an ice cream cone), and a look of focused passion for a British reggae band playing an Elvis cover.

Cole, this one’s for you.

Songs I Love… – Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

Posted by Jason On August - 2 - 2009


Songs I Love That You Might Hate – Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

I think I titled this blog series a little too harshly.  Hate is such a strong word.  As I’m going through these songs, I don’t see how people can really HATE them.  They’re pretty awesome, actually.  Maybe I should have called it something like “Songs I Love, That You Probably Love Too, But Probably Didn’t Think I Would Like.”  Alas, that would be too long.

This song is just smooth, and this video is awesome.

Songs I Love… – Crazy by Seal

Posted by Jason On July - 31 - 2009


Songs I Love That You Might Hate – Crazy by Seal

Don’t hate Seal just because he’s married to Heidi Klum.  Actually, you shouldn’t hate Seal at all.  He’s pretty dang good, and so is Crazy.


Songs I Love That You Might Hate – If I Ever Lose My Faith In You by Sting

I don’t think that anyone can really hate this song.  It’s Sting, and he’s not playing a pan-flute or whatever it is that he plays now-a-days.  It’s Sting, singing like Sting, with lyrics like Sting writes, and a killer chorus.  I may have lost my faith in Sting, but not in this song!

Songs I Love… – Millennium by Robbie Williams

Posted by Jason On July - 30 - 2009


Songs I Love That You Might Hate – Millennium by Robbie Williams

This have been a little too serious around the JUF camp lately, so I thought I would lighten things up a bit and share some songs I love that you probably don’t care for at all.  I could be wrong, because I really think these songs are awesome, but I fear most of you will lose what little respect you have for me!

So let’s kick things off with Millennium by Robbie Williams.

I’m a complete sucker for a song with a good groove and strings.  Millennium hits on both those marks, so I love it.

Robbie originally got his start in the British pop-band Take That in the early 90’s and then moved on to a solo career around 1996.  Millennium was the first single off The Ego Has Landed, Robbie’s first American solo album.  This song is a primary example of why Europeans generally have a better taste in music than Americans.  Millennium reached number 1 on the pop charts in Britain, but only reached number 72 in the U.S.

How long was Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas at number 1? Point and case.