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Indie Music Stop – EP1 Review

Posted by Jason On June - 20 - 2009

Appeared:  April 21 at http://indiemusicstop.wordpress.com

Artist: Jets Under Fire
Title: EP1
Website: http://www.jetsunderfire.com
Style: Pop/ Rock
Rating: 8 out of 10
By Senior Writer C.W. Ross

Everyone likes free music, especially when it’s legal and endorsed by the band. So get ready for a total of 4 EP style releases from the band, Jets Under Fire.

This Austin based pop/rock band has decided to release 4 EPs for free on their website. The first one simply titled EP1 was released on March 10th, with the other ones scheduled to be released at spaced intervals in the near future (EP2 June 2009, EP3 September 2009, EP4 December 2009).

While free music is nice, if it sounds like crap it isn’t. Luckily though Jets Under Fire manages to put out three good songs on EP1.

The first track, “Like Waves Like Seas,” is a nice power pop rocker that features a nice rolling drumbeat on it.

Track-2 “Icarus,” starts out with a cool deep bass line. This track also features a pop/rock up-tempo style of music. For those of you curious Icarus is a character taken from Greek mythology. Being the son of Daedalus, he’s best known for his attempt to escape Crete by flying that ended with him falling to his death.

The last track, “Say,” is a nice soft acoustic guitar ballad that shows the band also has a softer musical side.

EP1 offers up 3 nice songs that are well worth the short amount of time necessary to download it from the band’s website.

Here’s the direct link to the EP’s download page: http://www.jetsunderfire.com/ep1

Did I mention that, IT’S FREE!

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