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17 Days of Adore – Behold! The Night Mare

Posted by Jason On April - 16 - 2009


Adore – Track 13 – Behold! The Night Mare


As I’ve mentioned before, I relate much of Adore to strange personal memories.  All of which seem meaningless on the outside, but really mean a lot to me personally.  So here is  a little about the memory I’ve attached to Behold! The Night Mare.

I bought Adore while at a school basketball tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I went to school at Republic High School in the small Missouri town of Republic.  If you’ve ever heard of the band “The Republic Tigers,” then you’ve heard of my school.  They’re named after it.

Going out of state for a basketball tournament was a big deal for a bunch of small-town Missouri boys.  I don’t remember much of the actual basketball from the tournament, other than us getting killed by one of Oklahoma’s top basketball programs.  Outside of the basketball, I remember spending time with my teammates.  All of whom, I’d played basketball with since 7th grade.  You carry a special bond with teammates.  When you play together throughout your adolescent and into adulthood, you really begin to feel like a family.

When I hear Behold! The Night Mare, I remember a moment when I was sitting on our school bus listening to this album and waiting to leave the tournament to go back home.  I just remember that it was a gray, winter day.  I remember thinking about how hard we had all worked on basketball, and how it would soon end when we would graduate.  I remember that feeling of loss, and the feeling that all these friends would soon begin drifting away into their own lives. In that moment I  contemplated how our lives would not be the same.  We would soon be losing our youth, and would need to move into the next phase of our lives.

A lot has happened to those friends, including many tragic events that have impacted and solidified my views on God, and my responsibilities as a person.

It seems like a lot to associate with a song, but it’s the reason I love this Behold! The Night Mare, and this album.  The entire album makes me ache for that period of my life, my youth, and the hope that came along with it.

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