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17 Days of Adore – Pug

Posted by Jason On April - 8 - 2009


Adore – Track 9 – Pug

The Pumpkins album of “arcane night music” continues with Pug, possibly the hardest rocking song on Adore.  Of course, we are speaking of Adore, so it’s not too hard, comparatively speaking.

Pug features the only semi-guitar riff on Adore.  I saw semi, because it’s played on a synth for part of the song.  This song really feels like Corgan going back to what he is familiar with as far as his songwriting goes, but is funneling it through a channel of electronics and drum loops.

The song focuses on the main riff, but really takes a turn when it hits the chorus.  Instead of a normal increase is volume and intensity, Pug steps back into an anticlimactic refrain, sprinkled with piano.

In my estimate, Appels + Oranjes and Pug are the best back to back songs on AdorePug once again showcases the maturity in Corgan’s songwriting when compared to previous works like MCIS or Siamese Dream.  On MCIS Corgan would opt for bombast, feedback, and guitar riffs when a song needed a change.  On Adore, Corgan uses well placed melody, atmosphere, and paints moods to build songs.

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