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17 Days of Adore – Crestfallen

Posted by Jason On April - 5 - 2009


Adore – Track 7 – Crestfallen

After the epic guitar onslaught that was Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, it’s easy to see why Adore, and songs like Crestfallen would alienate Pumpkins fans.

Pumpkins fans, including me, were originally hoping to hear more songs like Bodies, BWBW, and Jellybelly.  Then Corgan and Co. released The End is the Beginning is the End on the Batman and Robin soundtrack, which introduced a new Pumpkins sound, infusing electronics with the dark, driving melodies we’d previously expected.

Another song, Eye, appeared on the Lost Highways soundtrack.  The song, which was originally written as an instrumental for Shaquille O’Neil (seriously), pushed forward with this new electronic sound.

At the time of the releases of TEITBITE and Eye, Corgan told fans they could probably  expect more music in this vein from the band on their upcoming release.  One reviewer even called the songs “full-energy chargers,” writing off any previous statements from the band saying the new album would “rock-less.”

When Adore finally hit the airwaves, many fans were underwhelmed by the album’s lack of guitar, and hard-hitting songs.  Corgan would later regret the miscommunication saying that if  he “would have told everyone Adore was the Pumpkins’ acoustic album we would have never had the problems that we had.”

After Ava Adore, and Perfect failed to meet label expectations as singles, Crestfallen was never released to radio, though it had been slotted to be the third single from the album.

Crestfallen was a broad departure from the classic Pumpkins sound.  The old-school drum machine beat, and rolling piano left little room for guitar.  Even the mix hides the slow strummed chords during the chorus.  They hide far in the distance, being heard only after the piano slowly decays.  Corgan’s vocals rest up front, showcasing his unique voice.

Lyrically, this song, and Adore in general, go far beyond previous Pumpkin albums.  Once again Corgan appears to sing from his heart, addressing what seems to be his broken relationship with his wife.  While songs like Jellybelly, and TEITBITE dealt in the abstract, Crestfallen lays it all out, leaving little room for interpretation.

The very end of the song ends with the sound of a closing door.  Probably signifying the end of a that period of his life, and possibly indicating the passing of his musical past.

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