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17 Days of Adore – Once Upon A Time

Posted by Jason On April - 4 - 2009


Adore – Track 5 – Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is one of the high points on Adore.  The song really showcases Corgan’s songwriting ability.  Being a songwriter myself, I’m just astonished at some of the beautiful, subtle transitions in the song.  Particularly the transition at the end of the chorus.  It just flows so well.  The transition into, and out of the bridge is just perfectly written.

Lyrically, this is where Adore starts getting heavier.  While Ava Adore, and Daphne Descends seem more abstract, Once Upon a Time is bitterly honest and too the point.  At the time when Corgan wrote this song, his mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and would eventually pass away.  Corgan, being at the peak of his career reveals a lot of regrets about being away from his mother, and probably his family in general.

In Corgan’s career he usually opted for the abstract when it came to lyrics.  One of the reasons I love Adore so much is because the majority of it is just the opposite.  In places where Corgan would normally choose creative word-play, instead he opts for vulnerability.

Sonically, this song is great.  The use of the strings, the gentle drumming, and another appearance by the ebow make this song dreamy, and melancholy.  This song makes me ache…in the best of ways.

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