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17 Days of Adore – Daphne Descends

Posted by Jason On April - 3 - 2009


Adore – Track 4 – Daphne Descends

I have to be honest with you.  Daphne Descends is not my favorite cut from Adore, but because it is on Adore, I still enjoy the song quite a bit.

The song features a lot of ebow, as does most of Adore.  If you’re not a guitar player, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me explain.

Ebow is short for “electronic bow.”  Instead of plucking a string with a guitar pick, you can use the ebow to get a feedback, or violin-type sound out of the guitar.  The device creates a magnetic field around the string, causing it to vibrate.  It’s really a gorgeous sound when used correctly.  You can hear the ebow when it enters at the very beginning of the song.  The tool has also been used in a lot of other songs, including With or Without You by U2.

Check it out on Wikipedia if you want some more info on the Ebow.

The song has a very dreamy, yet sinister quality to it, and features some unusual vocal harmonies.  On the album the song just kind of trots along, but live the Pumpkins beefed it up a bit.  The Pumpkins were known to have multiple versions of songs when touring, and although the live version isn’t that much different, the bigger guitar sounds, and heavier drumming really take this song to a different place.

Check Out the Album Version of Daphne Descends

Check Out the Live Version of Daphne Descends

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