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17 Days of Adore – Perfect

Posted by Jason On April - 1 - 2009


Adore – Track 3 – Perfect

Perfect, more than any other track on Adore, reminds me of a period of my life.  It was the beginning of my junior year in high school.  I was running cross-country because our basketball coach wanted everyone on the team to be in shape before basketball season came around.

Every morning that fall I would have to get up around 5:30 am, and meet the team to run at 6:30 am.  Nearly every morning the video for Perfect would play on the TV as I ate my breakfast.  The song would play through my head as I ran through the backwoods of Missouri, trying to find my way back to school before class started.

It sounds like a bad memory, but every time I hear this song, I get what CS Lewis called a feeling of longing or joy.  Lewis described it as a painful type of joy, but the type that once you’ve felt it, you never want to give it up.  He explained this “joy” as our human longing for heaven.  It’s a  thirst that cannot be quenched on earth.

Lewis said he often felt this feeling a boy while reading books, and as an adult seeing beautiful art.  This song gives me that ache inside.  I have no explanation as to why, but when I hear Perfect, I ache to relive those memories from that period of my life.

Perhaps the video for Perfect subconsciously implanted this feeling in my brain. 

Perfect is often considered the sister song to 1979, off of MCIS.  So when the Pumpkins set off to make the video, they hired the same team of directors, and actors who created 1979.  They developed a storyline that would act as 1979’s continuation, tying the two songs together musically and visually.

Perfect would be the second, and final single for Adore, although To Sheila and Crestfallen would eventually be released on a promotional basis.  The song would also be remixed numerous times by artists like Nellee Hooper, and Puff Daddy.

Watch the video for 1979

Watch the video for Perfect

The Smashing Pumpkins performing Perfect on David Letterman

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