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SXSW is Here

Posted by Jason On March - 16 - 2009
SXSW 2009

SXSW 2009

SXSW is finally here. It’s always a ton of fun, but also a ton of work. This year we prepared by starting the 4 EP idea back in December, culminating March 17th, the day before SXSW music begins. We made it! We got three new songs recorded, and got a new website, and all the social amenities completed. After booking a few shows for SXSW, we’re now ready to play. That’s the easy part.

It’s funny, people sometimes think band guys are slackers. Sometimes they are, but I don’t feel that our band is. We’re constantly pushing to do more, create more, and become better. Maybe it’s my obsessive compulsive tendencies, but it’s a lot of hard work.

I’m excited to see what happens this year. Hopefully we’ll make few more contacts, and play in front of a few more business people who can help us. After all, that’s part of why you live in Austin as a musician, to have such easy access the industry in your hometown.

Now it’s time to chug the energy drinks, forget about sleeping, and run from show to show, and party to party. Time to connect. Time to make something happen. As my wife always says: “You can sleep when you’re dead!”


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