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Jets Under Fire; Flying Solo – I Guess I’m Floating

Posted by Jason On March - 1 - 2009

Appeared:  January 12, 2006 on http://iguessimfloating.blogspot.com

Anyone that loses their job and decides to be a professional musician for the remainder of their days, in my book, is a cool cat. That doesn’t mean that every striving musician out there with a day job should give it up for the “cool cat” title, because it is possible to lead two lives. That’s what Jason Poe is doing.

Well, leading two lives in the musical world anyway. Jason Poe is the frontman of the Austin, TX band, The Professional Americans. However, his side and solo project, Jets Under Fire, is the real gem behind his musical mind. While Professional Americans sound something like Fall Out Boy, his solo work is piano driven with specs of Ambulance LTD and Coldplay-esque influences here and there. His first official release came out a few years back to a warm welcome by local fans and has been picking up steam on both MySpace and Purevolume (2,000+ plays a day). With a fanbase that is continuing to expand, I can only hope that his Ben Gibbard routine of having two successful bands results in Poe sticking with his side project. Give him a listen and you’ll probably agree.

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